Santa Elena, Colombia


Santa Elena, Colombia

From the mountains of Santa Elena in Medellín, Colombia, Sativa expresses its love for our planet. The brand wants to remind us where we come from and the role we play in the "bigger picture".

SATIVA is a family-owned business based in the mountains of Santa Elena (Medellín, Colombia) that aims to bring people closer to earth and nature. Their working process is artisanal and focused on environmental sustainability and fairtrade. The brand designs its products itself and works hand-in-hand with local artisans.

The brand values a lifestyle that prioritizes nature and revives traditions. It values the work of farmers, artisans, and other small businesses. Also, it values recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials.

The word "Sativa" comes from Latin and is used in botanical classification to refer to plants that have been domesticated throughout history as part of agriculture. SATIVA is about growing at home, indoor plants, and learning about the life of the plants we grow.

Behind the scenes

Sativa | Production process

Die Köpfe werden gegossen.

Sativa | Team

The family behind Sativa.