Las Sillas de Tucurinca

Las Sillas de


This pop-up project with unique Colombian furniture brings an unseen series of chairs with South American flair to the center of Europe. Enjoy a small part of Colombia at home and support the local population.

Limited edition. Only

one hundred fifty-six (156)

pieces left.


Sólido – modern and minimal

The "Sólido" is our bestseller. Its minimalistic design and pure colors together with the copper-colored frame fit in every living room. The armrests made out of acacia wood give the chair an extra shine.

The highlights of "Sólido" are the filled plastic cords, which give the chair additional strength and seating comfort.

CHF 590.-

* Free delivery (CH)

* Available colors: White, Black, Beige

La Finca Lite – simple and clear

Do you love simplicity? The design of "La Finca" is based on the simplistic chairs of the so-called 'Fincas' (farms).

Thanks to the linear weave of the backrest, the weave pattern, and the combination of tradition and modernity, this chair will fit into any apartment, no matter how unique.

CHF 490.-

* Free delivery (CH)

* Available colors: Ariguaní, Dark blue, Wine red, White


Puro Hierro – majestic and massive

This is our luxury version of the "Sólido" - meant to be a throne for all our queens and kings.

The backrest of the "Puro Hierro" is completely made out of carefully bent steel bars and reminds of a golden crown.

CHF 690.-

* Free delivery (CH)

* Available colors: Wine red, white, dark green


Tres – colorinche

The "Tres" is our favorite and reflects the diverse and open-hearted culture of Colombia. An unusual mixture between the simplicity of "Sólido" and the majesty of "Puro Hierro".

CHF 660.-

* Free delivery (CH)

* Available colors: Colorinche (Colorful)

* The rocking chair modification comes with extra charges.

Limited Edition

Miti-Miti – organic and frisky

Could you not enjoy summer enough? No problem - bring the summer and nature directly into your living room.

"Miti-Miti" is made 'Miti' (half) out of the world-famous banana palm from Colombia.

CHF 690.-

* Free delivery (CH)

* Available colors: Yellow, Light red, Light blue


The rise of an ikon! From a mixture of long-established Colombian traditions, innovative design, the integration of the locals, and sustainable production, Tucurinca has reinvented the world-famous Caribbean coastal chair.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Sustainable. Integrative. Innovative.

We come from Santa Marta, a Colombian coastal city with 450,000 inhabitants. Around 27 percent of them are victims of a nationwide-armed conflict, 35 percent live in poverty, and 7 percent of them even on the abyss. Tucurinca is part of this reality and works day by day to provide a better quality of life for the people affected.

Tucurinca also symbolizes the struggle of a nation for a better future. The products are a tribute to Colombia. We work together with very talented people - they used to be merchants, welders, bricklayers, weavers, or other businessmen and together with us they became designers.


We work together with the renowned furniture stores Möbel Blunier and Hänni Möbel, where you can personally view all models on site.


Awesome, you have already chosen a model! The sale will start in Switzerland on May 26th, 2020. To reserve your desired model, send us an e-mail with your address and the desired chair.

Limited Amount. Only

one hundred fifty-six (156)

pieces left.

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