We collect iconic pieces of art from Colombia. These are made by talented designers and crafted by hand. Come and take a look and learn more about the diverse culture of Colombia. love

Special Exhibition - 100 years of Stämpfli Celars

22. April 2024

Weinlager in Laupen.

For the 100th anniversary of the Stämpfli Celars, we are hosting an exclusive special exhibition in Laupen.

Over a period of four months, we will showcase a variety of events in the Vinorama revolving around the themes of wine, viticulture, and tasting. Our exhibition is a central element of these evenings, infusing the space with an atmosphere of joy and vibrant colors.

More about this project.

Some of our happy customers!

We love happy faces. Here are some inspiring snapshots from our customer's houses and projects. If you want to be part of this impression section, please send us your photo at impressions@baruch-collection.com.

Matomo Rocker Colorinche Office Space
Showcase | Puro Hierro | White
Showcase, Puro Hierro Green, Showroom
Solido Classic in Schwarz
Petrea Blumentopf auf Bar-Theke
Solido an Weihnachten neben gemütlicher Couch
Solido Recycled in Schwarz
Schaukelstuhl Tres Rocker in Wohnzimmer
Showcase | Finca | Winered
Custom Rocker
Kimosabi Cumbia para el alma
Wunderschöne Bar aus Massiv Holz mit Barstühlen
Showcase, Petrea, Apartment
Showcase, Petrea, Apartment
Mamatoco Colorinche Rocker | Apartment Bern

We present our new designer: KIMOSABI

19. November 2023

Neuer Brand - Kimosabi

The time has finally come - what an exciting moment. Because our collection is being expanded with the colorful posters from Kimosabi.

These posters are more than just simple works of art; they are a tribute to Colombia, adorned with proverbs or simple phrases in Spanish that illustrate the fundamental values of Colombian culture. In this way, they not only convey joy and harmony, but also reflect the deeply rooted love of life of Colombians.

More about Kimosabi.

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