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BARUCH x Blickfang

24. November 2022

BARUCH an der Blickfang in Zürich

Die drei Tage an der Blickfang Design-Messe im Kongresshaus in Zürich sind vorbei. Wir ziehen ein durchaus positives Resümee dieses wunderbaren Events. Vielen Dank für all die super netten Kontakte, eure Besuche, die Lacher und die Gespräche.
Unsere Vision des Stands haben wir definitiv umsetzen können. Er war ein Eye-Catcher. Und doch sind wir erleichert, dass nun etwas Ruhe einkehrt. Wir freuen uns auf die nächste Blickfang. Und wir sind sicher, dass das nächste Jahr noch viel besser wird.

Weitere News.

Some of our happy customers!

We love happy faces. Here are some inspiring snapshots from our customer's houses and projects. If you want to be part of this impression section, please send us your photo at impressions@baruch-collection.com.

Home Staging in Wetzikon
Patria @ Malso, Bern
Showcase, Petrea, Apartment
Showcase, Puro Hierro White, Aparment
Showcase | Puro Hierro | White
Showcase | Puro Hierro Rocker | Winered
Tucurinca @ Malso - Showroom
Showcase | Miti Miti | Yellow
Showcase | Finca | Winered
Showcase, Patria, Apartment
Showcase | Pool | Miti Miti
Showcase, Puro Hierro White, Aparment
Showcase, La Perla II, Apartment
Showcase, Classic Ariguani, Showroom
Showcase, Classic Ariguani, Apartment

tRaumplaner X BARUCH

08. October 2022


We are part of a beautiful home staging project by tRaumplaner in a new building near Wetzikon.

For us, home staging is a whole new and exciting world. Often one's own imagination reaches its limits when trying to figure out where to place a Tucurinca Classic Rocker or which plant fits best in the Patria vase. Now the professionals at tRaumplaner are taking over and creating a dream apartment.

How do you like the interior of this new apartment? Invites you to stay, doesn't it?

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