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Visiting our friends @Tucurinca.

03. May 2022

Tucurinca Boxes shipped to Switzerland

During our stay in Colombia in February, we visited our partners and designers. Tucurinca has moved to a even bigger factory and warehouse since our last visit. It's wonderful to see how this small family business has grown into something really special. And we love to be part of this!

Read more about the production and people behind Tucurinca in a three-part Instagram post.

To the story.

Some of our happy customers!

We love happy faces. Here are some inspiring snapshots from our customer's houses and projects. If you want to be part of this impression section, please send us your photo at impressions@baruch-collection.com.

Showcase | Solido | Beige
Patria @ Malso, Bern
Matomo Rocker Colorinche Office Space
Simio and its brother Petrea
Showcase, Petrea, Apartment
Showcase, Puro Hierro Green, Showroom
Showcase | Finca | Winered
Showcase, Solido Recylado, Apartment
Showcase | Pool | Tres & Miti Miti
Sativa @ Malso Bern
Showcase, Patria, Apartment
Showcase, Classic Ariguani, Apartment
Showcase | Miti Miti | Yellow
Showcase | Puro Hierro | White
Showcase La Finca Dining Room

Libre y Mágica

22. March 2022

Bahía de Santa Marta

We were in Colombia. In Santa Marta to be precise. What a city - just magical.

With a series of pictures on our Instagram profile, we tell you more about the country, the city, and its people.

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