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We are far more than just an online shop. The relationships with our friends, customers, creators, interior designers and architects is the most precious thing we have. And so are our projects and cooperations. These are challenging and we want you to be part of it.

BARUCH x Blickfang

24. November 2022

BARUCH an der Blickfang in Zürich

Die drei Tage an der Blickfang Design-Messe im Kongresshaus in Zürich sind vorbei. Wir ziehen ein durchaus positives Resümee dieses wunderbaren Events. Vielen Dank für all die super netten Kontakte, eure Besuche, die Lacher und die Gespräche.
Unsere Vision des Stands haben wir definitiv umsetzen können. Er war ein Eye-Catcher. Und doch sind wir erleichert, dass nun etwas Ruhe einkehrt. Wir freuen uns auf die nächste Blickfang. Und wir sind sicher, dass das nächste Jahr noch viel besser wird.

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tRaumplaner X BARUCH

08. October 2022


We are part of a beautiful home staging project by tRaumplaner in a new building near Wetzikon.

For us, home staging is a whole new and exciting world. Often one's own imagination reaches its limits when trying to figure out where to place a Tucurinca Classic Rocker or which plant fits best in the Patria vase. Now the professionals at tRaumplaner are taking over and creating a dream apartment.

How do you like the interior of this new apartment? Invites you to stay, doesn't it?

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Win one of our chairs!

08. August 2022

Das Malo Popup am Loryplatz

Have a beer at Malso Lokal at the Trainstation in Berne, or visit their Popup at Loryplatz. At the moment you could win one of our chairs. Looking for a working space or just a place to relax, have a beer or an Aperol Spritz? Yes, that's the place to be. Also we have heard that Sofia serves the world's best Tacos! Yummy <3.

This is how you could win:

  1. Take a snapshot of yourself with your favorite stool.
  2. Send us the image: Win
  3. It ends on the 22.08.
Good look!

Take place now.

Nomad Atelier x BARUCH

18. July 2022

Babs vom Nomad Atelier in Bern

This is Babs of the Nomad Atelier in Berne, Switzerland! Nomad Atelier focuses on hair and hairstyles. But it also provides a platform for artists and their arts. So they have done for us, BARUCH. Our lounge chairs (also known as spaghetti chairs) fit perfectly in their rooms and into the concept behind them. Every haircut and exhibition object simbolized a movment which inspires others. Or as Babs says „beautiful minds inspire others“.

Go to Nomad Atelier.

We are expanding our collection

09. June 2022

Butaco Barstuhl

Last week a new shipment arrived at our warehouse in Uetendorf. In addition to the "build-your-own" models for our customers, we have the brand NEW bar chair / stool "Butaco" from Tucurinca in our collection. This one is available in synthetic weaving pattern according to your wishes or natural fibers (rattan, palm, yaré). Soon these models will be available in our store. Stay tuned - if you can't wait, contact us directly.

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Visiting our friends @Tucurinca.

03. May 2022

Tucurinca Boxes shipped to Switzerland

During our stay in Colombia in February, we visited our partners and designers. Tucurinca has moved to a even bigger factory and warehouse since our last visit. It's wonderful to see how this small family business has grown into something really special. And we love to be part of this!

Read more about the production and people behind Tucurinca in a three-part Instagram post.

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Libre y Mágica

22. March 2022

Bahía de Santa Marta

We were in Colombia. In Santa Marta to be precise. What a city - just magical.

With a series of pictures on our Instagram profile, we tell you more about the country, the city, and its people.

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