Santa Marta, Colombia


Santa Marta, Colombia

The rise of an icon! With a blend of Colombian traditions, innovative design, inclusiveness of local talent, and sustainable production, Tucurinca has rethought the world-famous Caribbean chair.

Tucurinca is a family-owned business, native to Santa Marta Colombia. It is run by three siblings. Their goal is to bring the traditional Caribbean chair to the world. The manufacturing process maintains the traditions and uses materials from the region. Over the years, the old-established crafts from the rural areas could be passed on, despite agricultural activities and the armed conflict in many places.

The company is located in Santa Marta, a city of 450,000 inhabitants where 27% of the population are victims of the armed conflict, 35% live in poverty, and 7% at the subsistence level. The artisans of Tucurinca are part of this realm. Most had no prior knowledge of weaving per se but grew up in an environment where the craft was ever-present. Inborn natural talent, so to speak. Tucurinca is an inclusive project that feeds the talent by creating new opportunities for them. That gives people new perspectives. Tucurinca's chairs are a tribute to Colombia, its colors, its culture, and its people.

Behind the scenes

The manufacturing of the rocker legs.

The structure comes to life.

The weavers.