Product care and use

Die meisten unserer Produkte sind für Innen- und überdachte Aussenräume konzipiert. Wir empfehlen, sie im Schatten zu lagern oder bei Nichtgebrauch abzudecken.



Our production process begins by manufacturing our steel frames. We use pipes and tubes that are custom-built for different requirements.


All steel is shaped and bent by hand. These pieces are then welded together using special molds to achieve the precision and consistency required for adequate use of the product.


To gain greater paint adhesion, we clean and clear all imperfections off each frame. A powder coat layer is then applied to protect the frames.

Synthetic Weave

Weaving is our specialty; we manufacture weaves in different patterns, each with a style and a story. Our synthetic weave is crafted by 15 artisans, all of whom have mastered the technique in our workshop.

Tubular Cord

The tubular cord is the traditional material used to make the original Colombian Caribbean chairs. Its hollow texture allows for an easier pattern weave that has better attachment, definition, and grip.

Solid Cord

Because of its solid structure, this cord allows for unidirectional weaves. It has greater mechanical resistance than the Tubular Cord.

Zero Waste

A quest for zero waste.

After manual labor; plastic is the main resource we use for production. Each chair, table, and object generates plastic waste that is never discarded. All remaining plastic is recycled and reprocessed to create new plastic in a unique color blend. Our Zero Waste line, entirely woven in recycled synthetic cords, is born as a result of this process.


Our weavers select the wicker according to the type of chair to be manufactured. Once the weaving is done, the product is subjected to fire to eliminate imperfections and excesses. It is then waxed and sanded in preparation for painting, which is done with matt polyurethane to enhance durability.


Due to its rustic feel, guineo fiber is not for everyone. Production is similar to that of wicker; this material is woven, burned and waxed, resulting in a fibrous texture that gains softness and character over time.

Cienaguero Cord

Made from paper, the CIENAGUERO cord is a resistant and sustainable product, known in the world of design as Danish Paper Cord and frequently used by the most iconic Nordic chair designers.


Our wooden parts and components are made from Moncoro, Oak, Acacia or Teak; according to availability. Finishes are made in polyurethane or oil depending on specific requirements. All wood is from legal and sustainable sources.

Care and use

Most of our products are designed for indoor and covered outdoor spaces. We advise to store them under the shade or to cover when not in use. We manufacture covers for all our parts.


Most of our chairs are manufactured in powder-coated steel frames. Although our products are durable, the life of the structure’s finish will depend on the environmental conditions around. The Acero line can be used in covered outdoor conditions and should not remain under the rain for long periods. After exposure to rain and dust, the structure should be dried with a cloth to reduce the chances of rust. If bumped or scratched, we suggest applying anti-corrosive paint of a similar color in the damaged area.


Our chairs are woven in a wide range of materials and patterns, each having unique characteristics. This requires particular care depending on each type of chair.


The synthetic cord fabric is advised for use indoors and covered outdoors. To extend the life of the product, it is best to protect it from the sun by using our custom covers or by keeping it under the shade when not in use. Cleaning of the fabric can be done with a damp cloth and by applying silicone with UV protection, like Simoniz UV3. Incase dust is trapped between the weave, we suggest to do an in-depth cleaning with a pressurized water gun.


Our wicker finishes are treated with transparent varnish to make them more resistant in outdoor conditions. We advise to use this product indoors or outdoors, always under a roof, as water and dampening might weaken the fabric. The parts should be protected from UV rays when not in use and cleaning should be done with a dry cloth.

Guineo Fibre and Cienaguero Cord

Guineo fiber and Cienaguero Cord are materials with good mechanical resistance. However, due to the fibers characteristics, we advise using them indoors only. Cleaning should be done with a dry cloth.


Solid wood is a living material that will always be affected by conditions of light, temperature, and humidity. As regular maintenance increases the natural durability of the wood, we suggest the occasional use of Refresh Eco by Rubio Monocoat to protect all wooden parts.


Functionality is a key characteristic of our products. Beyond traditional techniques, we strive to make products that are complete pieces of design. Some are designed to be stacked, which is why this must be done with caution to avoid damaging the weave or the finish.

Unpacking of Product

All products should be carefully unpacked to avoid damage.

Product Disclaimer

All our products are handcrafted under artisanal techniques, which may result in small imperfections. Color may vary depending on the production lot. This should not affect the quality and functionality of the product and is not to be considered as a fault in manufacturing.