An overview of the materials used

We believe in the combination of aesthetics and responsibility, which is why our designers carefully select materials that not only adorn your spaces but also respect the environment. We invite you on a journey of discovery where we introduce you to the characteristics, durability, origin, processing, and sustainability of these materials.


Cement is a durable and modern material. It is known for its longevity and contemporary aesthetic. We prioritize sustainable production methods and recycled materials to minimize its environmental impact. Our cement products are practical, easy to maintain, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They add a contemporary touch to your spaces and reflect our commitment to sustainability.

Cienaguero Cord (Paper Cord)

This unique material choice transforms paper into an amazingly resilient and versatile cord used in some of our unique pieces. The process begins with collecting and processing paper, which is then twisted into cords and woven into artistic patterns. The paper cord gives our products a charming Boho look and remarkable durability. By integrating paper cord into our designs, we help reduce waste while bringing a touch of originality to your spaces.

Guineo (Banana Fiber)

Guineo, also known as banana fiber, stands out for its exceptional versatility. This fiber is extracted from the stem of the banana palm that remains after harvest. This natural fiber imparts warm, organic texture to the products. Its impressive durability results from the strength of the fiber and its ability to withstand the test of time. By involving local artisans in the processing, traditional craftsmanship is preserved and passed down. The use of Guineo also contributes to sustainability by reducing waste and supporting local communities.

Madera (Acacia / Teca)

La belleza natural y la robustez de la madera dan forma a muchas de nuestras creaciones, ya sea en forma de patas de silla, tapas de mesa o reposabrazos. La madera proviene de acacias o árboles de teca, conocidos por su densidad y dureza excepcionales. Estas características hacen que la madera sea una excelente elección para nuestros muebles, que no solo son estéticamente atractivos, sino también resistentes al uso diario. Cada pieza es única y cuenta una historia a través de sus distintivos patrones de veta y cálidos matices de color. Al incorporar la madera en nuestra colección, llevamos la belleza de la naturaleza colombiana a sus espacios de vida y abogamos por la elegancia atemporal y la responsabilidad ambiental.


For our printing we use a high quality matte paper, 250g. Printing is done in Switzerland.


Many of our products are woven from PVC strands, or Polyvinyl Chloride, a versatile plastic known for its resilience and durability. We use PVC in selected designs to create products that are easy to maintain and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. PVC is resistant to moisture and weather conditions, making it a practical choice for furniture and accessories. Our decision to use PVC is based on a careful consideration of durability and environmental impact. We strive to limit the use of PVC to cases where its properties provide the best possible benefit. Through the melting of used material, the nearly black PVC plastic "Recyclado" is created.


Steel is the foundation of almost every frame, a fusion of strength and sophistication. Steel is a versatile material that is perfect for modern, industrial designs. Manufacturing steel requires precise processing to achieve the desired strength and aesthetics. We use high-quality steel that is not only sturdy but also has received strong surface treatment. We place great emphasis on the longevity of our products, as they should not only withstand current trends but also last for generations. At the same time, steel is a recyclable material that contributes to a circular economy and underscores our sustainability efforts.

Yaré (Plant Fiber)

The elegance of Yaré, a native vine from the Amazon in Colombia, is found in many of our designer pieces. The vines are carefully harvested and processed into robust, flexible fibers. These fibers give the products a unique texture and strength. Yaré is known for its natural beauty and exceptional durability, making it a perfect choice for furniture and other interior decor items. Processing Yaré requires skill and knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation. By incorporating Yaré into our products, we contribute to preserving local craftsmanship traditions and supporting sustainable harvesting practices. With Yaré, we add an exotic touch to your spaces while connecting to Colombia's rich natural heritage.