Vamos a la Playa



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The beach with its vast horizon of sea and sand is a refuge where many try to heal their problems and find peace.There, the swaying of the waves and the sea breeze act as a balm for body and soul.In this space of pleasure and catharsis, problems fade with each wave that recedes into the depths of the ocean. The beach, a place where sea, sand and eternity merge, invites you to leave your worries behind and enjoy the serenity that only this place can offer. Only good things can happen on the beach, allowing the visitor to relax from everyday life and connect with the beauty and harmony of nature.

Product specification

Vamos A La Playa
In stock
Lead time
5 - 10 days
50x70cm | 250g

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Vamos a la Playa Balcon
Tucurinca Butaco / Kimosabi
Kimosabi Cumbia para el alma
Kimosabi - Tu Boca Y La Mia.

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